Small Team with Big Dreams


In Feb of 2017, two friends in Bangalore decided to take on the World of Gaming with their creative ideas and out of the box thinking. They started working on building the best digital form Ludo & Parchisi on the Play Store & App Store.


By mid of March, Parchisi starts getting 400 Downloads daily. Ludo starts to get 1000 Downloads daily.


End of April, the combined daily active users of the both the games reaches 100K. Majority traction coming to Ludo STAR.
Hindustan Times


By end of August, Ludo Star goes viral in Middle Eastern Countries and the Daily active users of the games shoots to 1M.

Creative Culture

At Gameberry, We strive hard to keep up the culture creative. Developers, Artists, Designers, everyone have the autonomy that helps them learn and innovate.

Build to Last

We want people to play our games for years not just months. The standard for our games are really high. Over the last two years, we have build 6 games out of which 3 have been killed and 1 is in soft launch.

3.5M/50M DAU

In Jan'19 we reached 3.5M Daily Active Users. Our mission is to reach 50M Daily Active User and entertain the people around the world with our creativity and innovation.